August 19, 2022

Meet your Seat Guru before flights

The Guru is brought to you by tripadvisor. The guru will tell you about all seat specification of the flight companies you choose.

This seatguru have information of 700 airplane seatmaps from nearly 100 different airlines. This guru sure are very informative in the airlines subject. For example I choose Air Asia Airbus A320.

The info showing that this is the only aircraft type in the Air Asia fleet. Single class configuration – All economy.

In flight amenities are shown in icon like this:

For budget Airlines like Air Asia it only have Audio, Video and Food.

Then it shows the seating maps of Air Asia Airbus A320. With the maps you will know where is the hot seat, good seat and some drawback seat.

So with the information you will know the seat to choose and making more value for your spending with the findings….

Go to the guru at seatguru..


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