August 19, 2022

Hoteliers should involve directly online

We can’t denied the influence of the Internet now. If we pretend not to used it, yes we can live without it. No website, facebook no online forum. But if we dealing with people, like it or not, they will post it in the Internet.

You can put it on your wall like this:

“No digital camera allowed, no smart phone allowed, no phone with built in camera allowed, no laptop, no broadband our premises”

The money is theirs and the products is yours. They had the right and you also have it.

But when the customer are paying they will talk. Believed me site like tripadvisor can make an influence to the travelers.

So for example when hotel management also answer the review made by former guest, others future traveler will read it also. As a customer I like responsive, responsible and well mannered hotel management.

I found this example in tripadvisor where Morgans Hotel management doing a responsive acts on people that made a review. It hard to see hotel here doing that.

You can see it here.


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