What happen in Malaysia this week…

If you don’t want to read you can watch this weekly here. All important event around Malaysia with a cute presenter.

-Ching Ming Festival (104th day after the winter solstice)
-Vasakhi (14 April)
-Smart Kids 2011 (15-17)
-Bugs Bunny The Symphony (16-17 April)
-Malaysian GP Sales (Until 15 April)
-Nusantra Drum Festival (Melaka – 9-15 April)
-Metro Fine Art (Li Zijian-1-30 April 2011)
-Squid Jigging Fiesta (Redang Island – April 2011 – July 2011)
-Energizing Night Race (16 April – Sepang Circuit)
-West End Star in Concerts (Istana Budaya) -15-16 April

Did you already go to some of the events or already missed some of it?

— asmaliana

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