‘Other’ tourist perspective

As we figure out something new as an attractions, sometimes creativity is just not enough. Seeing from another perspective can also give a weird result. Thus, the weirdness can be a free promotion as people come to see the weirdness of our creation.

This is some of the tourist attraction that built by thinking it from another perspective…

1) Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota

This palace wall is 100% corn! Every year they celebrate Corn Palace Festival. Now the palace is 100 years old with half a million visitors annually..

2.)Hobbits hotels..

From Lord of the Rings? It is located in New Zealand..

3.Swedish tree hotel

A new hotel concept in Sweden, 60 km south of the Arctic Circle. Deep in the forest.

4)Upside down house in Poland…

5)Bubblegum Alley

Passers by left their already chew gum in this alley…although it’s yuck..tourist surely seeing it from another perspective because the place is “most-talked-about landmark” there….

— asmaliana

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