August 16, 2022

Traveling and Greetings..

Bali – Om Swastyastu greeting, pic from Mio Cade flickr.

When we traveling, we greet people. Greetings people are among the first thing we do during travel. Handshake is acceptable form of greetings globally.

In Malaysia, handshake is the form of greetings. No rhythm or style. Just shake your hand. Usually local man don’t shake hand with the muslim women and that is easily understand here. But in business or working environment, foreigners who offers hands for greeting any Malaysian women is acceptable. Malaysia is modern and moderate society.

Thailand the wai greetings, more pic at virtual tourist..

For neighboring countries like Thailand and some part of Indonesia, the locals also still incorporate traditional custom in greetings aspect. The Thais like to put together both hand in the chest with a little bow. Same like the Balinese.

In Malaysia, bow with both hand/palm together only practice for king / royal families / sultan.

Other famous countries famous with their own type of greetings are like:

Japan – Bowing.
Arab – Hug and kiss each other at the cheek.
Latin America – Men kiss the top of a woman’s hand.

Read here about International greeting customs:Modern etiquette.


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