September 25, 2022

Paperless,paper less or planting the paper?

Malaysian effort on kenaf tree here.

Can we really not using any paper at all? For the moment no, especially in the office environment. We already heard about going paperless since maybe 10 years ago. Yet here we still using papers extensively. Just check your working desk right now. I don’t know about other countries.

So before we really going towards zero paper let just think off doing paper less or less paper used .

The objective is for a greener future or going green. No paper at all means no trees will be cut. But papers are still very important to us. Other than recycling the old paper, finding the trees replacement or using multi – purposed plant should be good.

Every nation now looking into the future of Kenaf. A species of hibiscus. It can be plant like other cash crop. Not like timber that need years to grow. Effort on going green is by preserving the existing timber and plant the kenaf.

Kenaf seeds can be used to produce vegetable oil that high in omega polyunsaturated fatty acids. The fiber from kenaf is used to make paper. Kenaf also got beautiful flower and it can be plant as a landscape too.


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