Promoting tourism with bottle..

Natural fruit juice is good for your health. Like oranges, everyone know oranges and you can easily make yourself a glass of orange juice. Malaysia also have a species of orange that grow locally.

Usually we sell the juice by promoting all the vitamins and nutrient. When we buy the ABC brand orange juice, we don’t really care where the oranges came from. Maybe from Cameron Highland, China, Washington or mixed from the rest of the world.

Instead of promoting the fruit juice goodness, there are also manufacturer that emphasize on Place of Origin, The History and Unique bottle. What will we get is an authenticity. Look at this example:

A Noni juice . The bottle write ‘Tahitian Noni’. So it will promote Tahiti Island. I saw this juice here in Malaysia..

Look, clearly the packaging write ‘Manhattan’. So it will promote Manhattan as a place with best oranges…You can buy it here.

This orange soda is from Italy…everything from Italy can sell with high price..

So local juice manufacturer should also consider a glass bottle with a good look. Don’t forget to put the originality….

— asmaliana

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