Only in Borneo – an amphibious monkey…

What is it? An Orang Utan? No. It’s a Dutch Monkey. Although it’s not Dutch origin, the Indonesian thinks the monkey look like a dutchmen. With long nose and a large belly.

Yes, this Monkey can actually swim from land to an Island because its amphibious. The proboscis monkey along with orang utan are Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. This monkeys are protected here.

They have a package at Sabah where you can play a part in Sabah, Borneo conservation program.

It’s a river cruise because proboscis monkey live near water and at the swamp. Well, it can be an all in one tour because there will be other animal on the way like rare Silver Langour, water buffalo, macaque and even a crocodile.

Among the travel package is here.

— asmaliana

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