August 19, 2022

Night Floral Parade at Putrajaya

Looks like Putrajaya, among promising new tourist attraction in Malaysia will host another floral parade this year. This event is also call Putrajaya Floria, in conjunction of it, they will have a Floral Parade with decorative boat of fresh flowers along the Putrajaya Lake.

The date is from 9-17 July 2011. Putrajaya will be transform into a garden of thousand flowers. More info on Putrajaya Web here and Ministry of Tourism Here.

Tourism Malaysia has conducting this kind of event – flower parade or floral parade since 1991. The first of its kind in Southeast Asia region. The parade was inspired by Malaysia successes by winning 5 prestigious awards in Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade, USA since 1988. In 1993, the nation’s entry won the most coveted prize, the Sweepstake Trophy at the 104th tournament.

Malaysia have about 9% of world flower species. Our National flower – The Hibiscus only, have about 300 species. So flower lovers…come on join the beesss….


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