Sales..sales and sales…

So what do you think? Just buy need to hold you feeling and get so uncertain after you get into your car or at the office the rest of the month..until the next celebration.

If you don’t want to let go the notes on your purse, just don’t go window shopping on a promotion / sales week.

I’m in Melaka, so when coming to KL, SOGO is like a de facto place to go shopping for a middle income group like me. Because the local branded item is within the reach and we can get all type of brand in one roof.

So when I decide just to have look last Friday at SOGO, the shopping will eventually happen although we already shopping last December at SOGO XMas sales.

Oh yes if you go Shopping on Saturday, no plastic bag..government starting to go green now..

They got nice red shopping bag..

Red purse in this festive mood..

And a red shirt…

— asmaliana

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