August 18, 2022

Enjoying the Dam atmosphere

Dam View from the parking..can you see the edge?

Among the magnificent thing that man made is the Dam. The Dam can create an ocean in the land. Great dam in the world have always being fascinating place in the history like Hoover Dam USA and Three Gorges Dam in China. Such an engineering marvel that we always think how it can be built.

Malaysia also have many dam at almost every state. From such a small scale to big one like Bakun Dam in Sarawak. Interesting fact about Bakun dam:

# Bakun Lake will be the largest lake in Malaysia by surface area, even though it is not apparent on the map, due to the sliver shape of the various lake tributaries, as a result of location in the highland valleys.
# Bakun Power Station will be the largest hydroelectric dam in Malaysia, surpassing the currently largest Pergau Dam’s power station in Malaysia.
# Bakun submarine power cable will be the longest in the world, surpassing the current Norway to Netherland submarine cable.

Melaka have 2 dam. Durian Tunggal Dam and Jus Dam. Durian Tunggal is the main dam. Durian Tunggal is a place, so it is located at Durian Tunggal about 20 minutes from Melaka town.

Dam is a restricted area because of the proposed is to supply water for home and domestic use. So not much water activities can be done here.

In Durian Tunggal Dam, you can have some activities like team building with parties that have given approval to setup a camp there. They have a guide for activities like Jungle Tracking around the dam area and team activities.

One of the training center there – RSG Ideal force

Another Training center – In Person Training & Consultancy…

forest at the surrounding area…

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