World Largest as a tourist attraction

Can you see the pencil?

Did you know Malaysia once have world tallest and largest pencil in the world. The pencil is at the famous pencil maker office Faber Castell office in Subang Jaya Selangor. This is 65 feet tall pencil

But now the record has been beaten by a 76 feet tall Pencil in St. Louis City Musuem. Browse here to check it out.

World tallest pencil..

Building something ordinary biggest are tallest can be a world attraction, but for a period of time there will be another country that will beat the record. It’s like a Guinness Book of World Records race and it will not end.

At last, creating something unique, creative, innovative and out of the box can be something for the long run. Checkout this wind organ at Zadar Croatia..

— asmaliana

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