July 6, 2020

Cave in Malaysia database

Tourism at Gua Tempurung Perak…

Malaysia are among the country of many caves. We also got the Niah Cave that one of the largest limestone cave in the world. State of Perak have vast cave within reach from the main North South East Highway. You can even seen it from the road and some of them have been turn into a temple. Same like the famous Batu Caves.

If you drive up north from KL, you might want to drop by at Gua Tempurung Perak. You can go caving safely with family and friends there because of the upgrade facilities in the cave and many trip packages to suit your ability.

Malaysian and caves have long connection and history from the Perak Man era. Hundred of caves in Malaysia cause some of the cavers around the world keen to explore it. I found one site that is dedicated about caves in Malaysia and the writer also setup a database of caves in Malaysia. You can read about it here.

Every state in Malaysia have cave, big or small. Biggest is in Sarawak like Mulu. Perlis, the smallest state in Malaysia among longest river cave.

Melaka also have some small cave around Jasin District and at Melaka-Johor Border.

Apart from used as a tourism attraction, cave in Malaysia also used as a bird nest industry, a temple, bat fertilizer, also a shop and a food workshop. You can read it here.


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