August 19, 2022

The Worldwide Hostels Database

Fancy this?

Usually the main subject that matter when choosing a Hotel or a Hostel is budget.

Hotel have 5 rank to determine according to the budget also. We opt for a hotel room and the basic that come out into our mind are like : clean interior / carpet, control aircon, bathtub, cold/hot massage shower,a shampoo/shower cream, cable TV, kid swimming pool, lots of breakfast..

So hotel service is subject to our complain at trip advisor if not to our expectation.

For Hostel, you don’t aspect anything. You just ask if have a room or not, take the key and rest. There are also hostel don’t have a join bathroom. You must shared with the rest of the building.

Living in a hostel can give you a close experience into the realm of the community in a particular place. If you hiding in a 5 Star hotel, you probably don’t even know if suddenly a riot happen in the street.

Usually a hostels doesn’t market their presence widely into the mass. We usually bump into a hostel when exploring a street or a city. But fret not, guys from Hostelz dot com currently compiling all the hostel list from around the world.

Just type what place in it will come out. Few hostel come out when I type Melaka like Eastern Heritage Guesthouse, Sama-Sama Guesthouse ,Shirah’s Guesthouse,Rinas Bed n Breakfast etc..


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