August 7, 2020

Traveling Pad..

This tablet just 9++ at Low Yatt last week but my hb said let put our money in Samsung Galaxy Tab…

Did you still bring a laptop these days? Well pads are becoming trend right now. Starting with Apple Ipad, there will be more tablet pc will come into Malaysian market from now to 2011.

I don’t have a tablet pc or a pad. There was once I feel my laptop was to bulky when travel or going to meeting so frequently. So I decided to buy netbook from Asus. I’m buying it when netbook just started to be known to consumer.

This year I saw my fren using an Ipad, I’d say it’s interesting technology for travelers or when you are always outside from the office meeting. But my fren Ipad dont have 3G. If you ask me I wont buy it.
Anyway it’s an interesting gadget plus 3G or higher with wifi.

More convenient than a notebook when you are on the run. With it’s slim and sleek design I can think of:

-bringing it to a long meeting and can be hide under the table…browsing Internet or fbeing..
-No need to bring all the plug and chargers coz I heard it can last for 10 hours.
-Just slide out from your hand bag and press on…
-don’t need to plug in the modem, you simcard just sit nicely in the pad..
-Weight less
-Good looking..

There….I think I want one…


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  1. hopefully this submit doesn’t seem a number of instances (it appears to freeze as soon as i attempt to publish my comment.. undecided if it is truly posting), but all I really needed to say was good post and thanks for sharing.

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