Where did u tis holiday?

Where will we be on a short holiday? Unless you are a teacher here, you got 2 month flat. Anything than a teacher, you must got approval from your boss. So where will we go depend on few things:


If you mood feels just want to hang around at home… doing chores can be a good activities…If you got more money maybe you can go to a short trip anywhere in the world….shopping.

Last 2 days, if you are driving around town, there will be a massive traffic jammed. In Melaka, hotel reached it full occupancy from no star to 5 star. Few people call me for help getting a room in the weekend. Pheww…

Parking at main theme park is not enough yesterday. It’s time to reap all the profit for those tourism products. We are resting and there are working…

Some more Melaka got ‘Rumah Terbuka Malaysia Krismas 2010′ last nite. I bet some of them not even awake at 9.00 this morning.

For me in this short weekend, I’m going few places near like wedding ceremony, bringing the kids and go shopping to take advantage of the Christmas offer…Spending the little government bonuses…

Talking about shopping, making Malaysia a shopping spree for the tourist is good but I am thinking a few factor.

For example many people gathered in the place like KLCC, you can see it packed with people in lobby area and at the park outside…. at the walkway…But I can see no people in the KLCC boutique shop. So many people just window shopping at ferragamo, Chanel, Prada, Miu Miu etc..boutique.

Place at Jalan TAR and SOGO, also pack with people, shopping at the discounted item till the last breath.

So… I think we also need to bring more of our local brand go International and put them at the Exclusive boutique eh?

Time to work….

Highway also on heavy load

Some national event

Elephant ride..

Lots of sales and discount..

a lot of fast food

— asmaliana

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