August 12, 2022

Tapping into the late night Industry

Kids really love i-city..

Usually every public places like shopping complexes will closed around 10pm. Tourism places of interest will closed earlier around 6.00 like the Museum and theme park.

After 10pm, there will be another attraction like karaoke, pub and night club. This attraction is not for family of course.

But now, there are awareness that people are not always sleep at night. There are also some one that sleep at day light and work when night falls. It’s a modern trend people work 24hours simultaneously.

For example now we can get fast food chain opening 24hours.

Places of interest for public and family are not much at night. But now we have i-city in Shah Alam, were we can gathered with friend and family safely at night.

Other than that we got night zoo…or night museum at some place.

Working into a late night places of interest is something that we can think more in the future rather than just a 24hours restaurant.

Maybe shopping till 3.00am is also a good attraction?


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