Who need health screening?

I’m browsing the net about health screening. Well if you a women, expert recommend you do a health screening when you reach 35 years old and above. Or if you Having family history of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer or hypertension.

At the Internet, I find that Mahkota Hospital had the most comprehensive package detail about health screening. They had a specific website about health screening at mahkotahsc.com. At the website, mahkota medical got the details of examination package provided with the price.

Although Mahkota Medical Center don’t have big chain of hospital, they are active in Promoting Melaka as Health Tourism spot. They got few award from such as Melaka Tourism Award for Health Tourism Category, Ministry of International Trade Export Excellence Award (services), Asian Health care on Health Tourism and Medical Tourism Award from International Business Review Awards, Malaysia. Visit their interactive website here.

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