Trip to Terengganu

I have gone to Terengganu many times and the last time was early this year for promoting the Melaka SUKMA. This time we go there because attending a wedding ceremony.

Terengganu is a big state compared to Melaka and have a resources to working on for generate the state income. The big bucks from the Terangganu state is of course Oil and Gas. They got plenty of tourism attraction too and mostly on eco tourism side. They have many Island at south China Sea and a large forest that include in Malaysia National Park.

Ok I’m highlighting few Interesting spot that you can easily stop while driving along Terengganu.

Coastal Road along Terengganu..

Terengganu is main producer for Keropok Lekor in Malaysia, Malaysian know how find the best of it at Terangganu – Pic is at Marang.

Satar, favorite dish at Terengganu, made of fish and coconut. It is grilled.

Terengganu are famous for its Batik and wooden craft. They have branch here in Melaka Through Nor Arfa Batik. Pic is example of the wooden craft shop.

They got new art center at Kuala Terengganu and have weekend cultural activities…

Among the activities are local games like this…Cock Fighting…men version.

A huge Snake Board Game..look at the dice..

Local crafting a rattan at the art center…

— asmaliana

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