September 24, 2020

Kids – water and spending

Tiara Beach Resort Port Dickson..

Kids and water can’t be separated. They love to play with water and never tend to boring them. With hot weather all the year in Malaysia, adults too like to go to the pool.

I have 2 kids. The most recognize theme park in Melaka cost about RM40 for adults and RM30 for children. So, if my family of 4 including me going to the theme park the cost will be about RM140. As we already used to that theme park, we decided to go out. Just add about additional RM20 from the total RM140 we can get a room at Tiara Beach Resort Port Dickson and also the kids can play at the Hotel Theme Park that quite okay.

Kids Pool…

Theme park At Tiara Beach resort is enough for the kids to play till they are shivering but still refuse to get out from the water.

In the morning we go to the beach at Port Dickson before checkout at noon. The kids was having fun.

Bring some money as the ice cream station just beside the pool.


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