Tourist willing to spend 9% more if you this…

Renaissance Melaka..

It’s a real news, and you know people, want to pay less but expecting above the par service. The key is quality customer service.

One survey reveal that :

-Twenty seven percent feel businesses have not changed their attitude toward customer service.

The survey also said that people have the tendency to give a good review and share it with others. So with more people using the Internet to read a review before choosing a place to go, it will be bad if the place got many bad reviews.

When a customer are very disappointing with some service, they will write a review with added emotion and it will like added more sauces to the existing not so big problem.

So, when a complaint was lodge to us for certain problem, fast action by business owner for example a sorry and added service a replacement will cool things down and the satisfaction meter will rise up to positive level again.

You can study the survey about Message to travel companies: are customers being served? here.

— asmaliana

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