August 19, 2022

View 4000 airports database 1,400 airlines flights at Airlikes

LAX Airport

It’s very rare to see a website just focus on reviewing an Airport. For hotels, there are tons of website in the Internet. But since the increasing demand of Budget Airlines and many people can afford to take a flights, now there many talks about Airport.

The Airport will be the first building tourist will experience before continuing the journey to the particular country. A 5 star treat from the airport citizens will bring a good start. Minor subject that also will bring good response from tourist are like baggage handling, ground transportation and nearest hotel for transit.

Using Airlikes, you can read reviews of other visitors and you also can do the same about airport that you have visited.

When open the Airlikes websites, the website will detect your origin of place for example of you are in Melaka, the website will display you place Melaka and nearest airport from yout base. For example nearest International Airport from Melaka will be (KUL) Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Kuala Lumpur and (SIN) Changi Airport, Singapore.

You can read the airport code using IATA Code and ICAO code at airlikes.

Great eh? So proceed to here please.


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