August 9, 2020

Reproduction Admiral Zheng He Treasure Boat..

Pic from cultural china..

Now another history will be setup at present time at set sail to the open sea. It’s the Admiral Zheng He Treasure Boat. Yesterday Melaka Chief Minister visited Nanjing Dragon Treasure Boat Development Co Limited to see the progress of the RM46 million Replica Ship that when finished will sail across the world and make its first stop in Melaka.

At the 600th anniversary ceremony of Zheng He’s first expedition, President Hu Jintao gave the important directive of ‘scientific navigation for the nation and friendly relations with neighboring countries’. Premier Wen Jiabao praised Zheng He : ‘a pioneer of navigation and an ambassador of friendship’.

In response to the President Hu Jintao statement, the Gulou District Government of Nanjing and a company from Malaysia Dragon Group International Limited form a joint investment to create Nanjing Dragon Treasure Boat Development Co. Ltd. for reproduction and excavation of the Admiral Zheng He Treasure boat and officially launched the project of the reproduction of the treasure boat.

Melaka Sultanate 600 years ago have a known diplomatic ties when Imperial China through Zheng He Voyage.
Melaka State Government also plan to own one of the Zheng He Replica ship and put it at Klebang Theme Park.

You can read more about the ship reproduction here.


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