We can see partial Lunar Eclipse today

No matter where you are in Malaysia, look at south east and if the sky are clear you can see the moon eaten by the dark side….partially. Remind me of the New Movie Twilight Saga: Eclipse. National Space Agency (ANGKASA) said that we can view the moon activity from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Even if we can see it through our naked eye, the outer space will be more clear if we can use a telescope. So National Space Agency (ANGKASA) will be organizing a Partial Lunar Eclipse Observation Program at the National Planetarium. Public are all invited.

The first 300 visitors attending the program at National Planetarium will be given a tin of Eclipse Mints. You wont turn into a wolf after consuming the mints but just getting fresh breath.

Melaka State Space Observatory Complex at Al-Khawarizmi Tanjung Bidara also will be doing the same thing.

Watch out for the sky!

— asmaliana

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