Air Asia baggage supersize

The most crucial thing when planning a budget trip by airlines is the excess baggage fee. When you can get cheap flight tickets on a budget airways, spending more on the baggage will get you back to square one. Few technique can help to avoid extra baggage like folding and and cramping all you shirt into your hand carry bag. But hand carry weight is limited

But when traveling with families on a vacation, we can’t avoid the extra luggage, your baby strollers, husband golf set and you also want to go shopping at the duty free.

So try checkout this Air Asia Baggage Supersize and enjoy discounts up to 50% when you pre-book online. Ask your teenage son / daughter how to use the online booking system. It sure will help you to eliminate extra cost. I knew many people still go the counter to book the Air Asia tickets.

Things like baby prams/strollers/buggies, wheelchairs, mobility devices and walking frames can be checked-in for free in this baggage super size promotion.

Well get the detail information here.

— asmaliana

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