Got any ideas about Melaka International Airport?

I knew that all Malaysian travelers are aware about the Melaka Airport at Batu Berendam. Now, the airport is known as Melaka International Airport and until now, it only have Riau Airlines, flight from Pekanbaru, Indonesia. But, Melaka needs more airline coming and land in Melaka. We have all the facilities and the state government really passionate about this airport.

The state government will give support for the airlines that want to operate in Melaka. So, any airlines company interested at Melaka International airport? You can give the ideas, how to make this thing happen. A new business model for this airport. Again a little information about the airport.

The airport was officially opened on Oct 1952 by the Duchess of Kent. It is located 10km from Malacca town. After 57 years of operations, it was relocated to a brand new terminal in May 2009. The new terminal can accommodate up to 1.5 million passengers per annum and can handle 300 passengers per peak hour compared to 100 previously. It has two parking bays capable of accommodating Boeing 737-400/Airbus 320 and four parking bays for General Aviation Aircraft. Also configured are four immigration counters to handle departure and six to handle arrival while three baggage carousels have been installed to handle baggage for departure and arrival flights.

The new terminal underlines the State Government and Malaysia Airports’ vision to enhance passengers’ experience and also boost the tourism industry of the Historical City.

Facilities (Facts & Figures)
Operations Hour : 0700 – 1900
Runway : 2135 m Length x 45 m wide
Aircraft Parking Bay : 2 Bays (Boeing 737-400 / Airbus 320)
Customs, Immigration & Quarantine (CIQ) available for International flight
Duty free shop at Departure & Arrival
Baggage carousels at Departure & Arrival

Incentives for New Airlines (International Routes Only)
Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad has introduced the Airline Recovery Program (ARP)
w.e.f 1 January 2009 – 31 December 2011.
The main objective of the program is to assist the airline in the ever challenging aviation industry.
The benefits:
• Full waiver of landing charges for the first three years
• Cash reward for first year – RM 25 incentive payment per pax for first 12 months
(for international inbound passengers)
• Growth reward – for second and third year
• Free office rental for six month – subject to office space availability
Terms and condition apply.

Well to readers and Melaka tourism players, if you have any ideas of business plan / model you can give the idea at Melaka Chief Minister Facebook here, write a comment or email.

Your ideas or comments about the Melaka Airport is really appreciated.

— asmaliana

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