October 19, 2021

Martha Stewart Visiting Melaka

Martha Stewart with Melaka Chief Minister enjoying the food at Cafe Botanical

If baking, cooking and gardening are your passion, you must know Martha Stewart very well. Martha Stewart is an American business magnate, television host, author, and magazine publisher. Women should read about Martha at his website and learn tips on getting healthy and great recipes that promote balanced diet. She sure looks stunning for women that born on 1941.

Martha Stewart was on a trip to Malaysia arranged by Tourism Malaysia. Kudos for the Ministry for bringing this lady that once was named the third most powerful woman in America. From her blog, she sure enjoying her trip to this country. The effort to bring Martha Stewart to Malaysia will sure make a great impact for Malaysia tourism Industry as few tourism attraction make a permanent link at Martha Blog. Not to mention his 1.9 million followers on twitter as she also updated his twitter about his journey here like:

I know that’s a lot of links but please make sure to pick up the June issue of MS Living. more twitpics coming from Malaysia soon!
6:01 PM May 25th via web

Melaka was among the States that she visit and she state clearly few places like good food at Cafe Botanica, riding with the trishaw and things that she like at antiques store Abdul Company and lovely Melaka Malay House at Villa Sentosa Kampung Morten.

Read about Martha Stewart visit to Melaka on his 2 June Post here. You can watch Martha Stewart show here on NTV7 MARTHA STEWART SHOW 10.30 AM Wednesday. Visit Astro for channel guide.


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