Philea Resort & Spa Ayer Keroh Melaka….a sneek peek

It’s a massive used of wood here in Hotel construction. But the wood is not from around here or from this region. It’s Russian log wood. From what I can see this kind of tree looks like having similar diameter in size…interesting.

Philea Resort & Spa is located before or behind the Melaka Butterfly Park in Ayer Keroh. Headed to the Butterfly park and you will find the Philea Resort first

Expected to be open in 12 June 2010. They plan to make an official launch On 7th of June. The price tag is very pricey. The priciest among all the hotel in Melaka I think. Lowest price is about RM700++ for standard room (pavillion type) and Highest price is RM2000++ suite type.

Just wait for the launch to get the accurate figure.

Enter the compound ….eh I’m not in Melaka anymore?

Here are some of the photos taken from my mobile (that explain the quality)….

The log wood hotel…can you make a song from it?

The Philea Lobby

River flows around it…

Russian Views in Melaka

Main lobby buiding…still lot of log woods

500 capacity ballroom looks ready for function..

Pond and Pool

The bed…

This one from bricks…

Mr boss…

Their signature herb drinks…

— asmaliana

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