March 1, 2021

Melaka Botanical Garden Buggy Ride…

If you feel not in the mood for jogging plus your kid don’t want to walk far enough, your trip at Melaka Botanical Garden can be done with a buggy car. The buggy car has started operation on 25 Mei 2010. You can used the buggy for a small fee except for the launching date.

The operation time for the buggy ride is from 10.00 am to 7.00pm. The buggy trek is about 4kilometer. Botanical garden have 14 buggy for used. Battery powered, so don’t expect to turn the jungle track into a race track with your friends. Estimated time for the buggy from start to finished is 30min.


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2 thoughts on “Melaka Botanical Garden Buggy Ride…

  1. On 19/03/2011, my kids and i went for a buggy ride.The estimated time for the buggy ride was 30 mins (4km).
    After getting information from the “ticket counter”, we then paid and eventually went for our ride.
    Before we started, we were told there were some dinosaur statues or a playground for kids to play.
    However from my “alarm” of my handphone, time is NOT enough for the kids to stay the “garden” more than 5 minutes. ALL the trek is 4 km and it seems that we can only to stay on the buggy, and keep riding from the start to the end. There just NOT enough time for us to view the garden with enough of time.
    I am so disappointed with such.
    I think maybe the time for buggy ride should increase to 45minutes instead of 30 mins. Well, the fares may adjust according to it, eg: RM 27.
    Secondly, the “arrow” which were used for indication for the buggy rider to is NOT enough , especially to its end part of the trek( approximate last 1.2 km). Eg: some riders thought they were going the wrong path as there were no “arrow” to indicate the way OUT, especially near the Wonderland there.

    At the end, what i can is that I am regret to ride on the buggy as it not aligned with my purpose to view the botanical garden.

  2. One of my buggy (single seater) has broke down because of the battery. We just wanna start the journey and the buggy start make problem.So, I call person in charge. He pick up my friend about 10 minutes. Then he say nothing. When I come back at the counter, they just ignore us and feel like nothing happen. I am so angry about it. My friend don’t have any chance to ride that buggy and she can’t claim or complaint anything because the person in charge run form us.

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