July 4, 2022

World Expo : Malaysia Pavilion to attract 1.2 million Chinese tourist

Have you seen it in the news, Malaysia Minangkabau style roof prove to be attraction to the visitors at World Expo. The Malaysia house also compete with all aspect of Malaysia mixed culture and ethnic. I guess the Chinese there also will be amazed how the Chinese here can preserved the old Chinese culture outside their mother land and being celebrated as a National event. Next time Melaka Style house would be good for the pavilion I think. This is because the Multicultural influence of the design make it more originally from here. The Melaka traditional stair also using China Tile..:-)

Malaysia Pavilion at World Expo…

“The country will showcase its natural landscape and the solidarity of its different ethnic groups with the theme “One Malaysia — City Harmonious Living.” Malaysia has 47 ethnic groups, who live comfortably together in urban and rural areas. ”

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Minangkabau-style roof attracts visitors at World Expo.

SHANGHAI: It was a chance to shine on the world stage and the Malaysia Pavilion did the country proud here yesterday.

The vibrant colours used and the Minangkabau roof did its job in attracting attention, with Chinese visitors saying they liked what they saw.

“I really felt the rich culture of Malaysia,’’ said Luo Yi who came from Hunang province.

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Melaka always have good relation with the People Republic of China, Pic-During President of the People’s Republic of China Hu Jintao visit to Melaka..


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