July 13, 2020

Jewel of Muscat will be arrived in Melaka?

The original ship if still available now is about 1200 years old. Of course the Ship – Jewel of Muscat, is not exist on this 21st century until 2 countries : Oman and Singapore decided to rebuild it. Its the 9th centuries sailing ship. No nails involved in his 18 meter ship, don’t know if nails was not invent in 9th century or it just the way of making a special ship.

The ship’s voyage begins in Oman, with stops in India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia, before ending in Singapore. The journey retraces part of the historic maritime trade route between Arabia and the Far East. It’s the Arab traders who bring Islam here. The Jewel of Muscat project was started in early 2008 and finished end of 2009. The method to build the entire ship using 9th-century Arab craftsmen. The planks have been sewn together using coconut fibre, and the square sails will be made of plaited palm leaves. The wood is protected by a layer of goat fat mixed with lime.

Jewel of Muscat route from Oman to Singapore…

Things that we can find at our kitchen but used at the ship and the ship sail from the Arab Sea, Indian Ocean, Andaman Ocean and Straits of Melaka. Even the ship navigation also using 9th-century navigation techniques. Jewel of Muscat is expected to arrive at Melaka shore in 12 June. If the condition are good like the sea depth, maybe Jewel of Muscat can sail closed at Melaka River mouth. After that the Ship will proceed to its main destination Singapore.

For more info and the route please go its official and interactive website here.


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