July 4, 2022

Melaka – to be a garden city…

Night also blooming with flowers – Banda Hilir

There is only one season in Malaysia, so in Melaka, the flowers are blooming throughout the year. It is not to hard to make a garden full of flowers here. Not need waiting for the spring season for the flowers to flourish. It is estimated that Malaysia have more than 15000 of flower species . 15000? I just know 10 from the 15000. If you drive along Malaysian road, among famous species that are planted are hibiscus, Ixora, Bougainvillea, Yellow Alamanda, frangipani and Heliconia. Enter the Ayer Keroh Melaka toll exit, start counting flowers as the City Council aiming to turn Melaka into a garden city. Read about it fron Melaka Hari Ini Below:

Melaka – A garden city

BANDA HILIR : One would not be wrong for describing Melaka as a garden city as no matter where you go in the State, particularly in Melaka City, you will definitely come across many well landscaped areas.

Whether it is at the Banda Hilir tourist belt or along the main roads in Ayer Keroh, you will not have any problems locating numerous plants, both flowering and non-flowering, of various shapes and sizes.

Being a World Heritage City, such beautifully landscaped areas in the State will only project a wonderful image of the city especially among foreign visitors to Melaka.

One will notice that apart from being a historical city with its rich relics from the bygone era, Melaka is also striving towards promoting itself as a clean and beautifully landscaped city.

It doesn’t matter where you are or where you are looking, trees of various species, including flowering plants, dots most of the landscape in Melaka, thus creating a garden in the city environment.

One great example of the beautifully landscaped area is at the Dutch Square which is situated in front of the red-coloured Stadthuys building.

The fusion of multicoloured plants and flowers seems to be one of the attractions to visitors to the area as most of the time, they could be seen admiring the beauty apart from having their photographs snapped in the vicinity.

The myrid of colours also contrasts well with the surrounding, which is dominated mostly by buildings of red colour, including the Christ Church, Malaysian Youth Museum and the row of shophouses on both sides of the main road.

All these would not have been possible if not for the continuous efforts by the Melaka Historical City Council (MBMB) to beautify the city.

Where visitors to the State is concerned, they certainly do have good things to say about Melaka’s garden concept.

While many agree that these beautifully-landscaped gardens are delightful to look at, they also believe that such sight will go down well with visitors to the State, especially foreign tourists.
A visitor from Ipoh, Nur Anis Sulaiman, 28, said she well pleasantly surprised when she saw the efforts taken to beautify Melaka.

“I was truly impressed with the beauty the moment I drove into Melaka through Ayer Keroh. As they say, the first impression is always important and my first impression of the State has been wonderful,” she added.


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