Elevate open Rock concert

Elevate is a live rock concert organize by artistcolony and sponsored by the yellow telecommunication company Digi. The venue of this rock concert is at open place mainly field and carpark. Entrance fee is RM10 including F&B coupon. Among the group that will perform are An Honest Mistake, Robot Asmara,Love Me Butch, 40 winks, Pesawat,Bittersweet. Time from 4pm till 9.00pm.

Elevate at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka – 25/4, Sunway Seberang Jaya Hotel Carpark Butterworth Penang – 8/4,Padang Ipoh, Ipoh – 16/5. Strictly 18 & above, no kids allowed.Ok then, play and rock safely!.

Outside Elevate…

Inside Elevate…for 1000 fan only…

— asmaliana

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