October 1, 2022

Malaysia Among Top 10 Destinations for Europeans

“Your holiday budget is spared: life here is exceptionally affordable!” said the Yahoo! site.

The travel magazines list Malaysia among the affordable destination. We give the luxury title to other places like Cancun and Paris. But we still have the luxury experience at resort along white sandy beaches with crystal clear water like Langkawi island. 1.00 Euro is about 4.00 Malaysian Ringgit. So if you got 1000 Euro, that will be 4000 Ringgit Malaysia. The Europeans can stay hear longer and choose to spend on luxury accommodation or go shopping around KL. With good currency rate, must bring a bigger baggage when coming here. Malaysia also got good quality local brands like Arfa Batek, Bonia, Jimmy Choo, Bernard Chandran and Jakel.

Not to mention the warm weather and warm welcome from the people. No terrorist, stable political climate and also the climate itself.

Malaysia can have what Asia Have…Malaysia Truly Asia!…For full story please read here.

For the European country Bulgaria share the same story here.

For Malaysian, now we also can travel to Europe with ease because – MAS offers online booking for 9 Europe cities.

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) now offers easier online booking for customers to/or from nine cities in Europe.

Customers arriving or departing Stockholm, Gothenburg (Sweden), Oslo, Sandefjord-Olso, Bergen, Stavanger, Brussels (Belgium), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Helsinki (Finland), can now book and purchase their tickets online.

More here.


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