October 1, 2022

Lost and not found…

Is it a common thing – baggage lost at the Airport? Well report said that : 25 million air passenger bags lost in 2009 .

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Some 25 million bags went missing in the world’s airports in 2009, costing the airline industry some US$2.5 billion, according to data released Thursday by air transport electronics group Sita.

Just over half of these bags, 52 per cent, were misplaced during aircraft transfers, while another 16 percent did not arrive at the destination on time as they were not loaded on planes, luggage tracking data showed.

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The bags lost always highlighted in the airport industry, not the bus also the taxi industry. Why? Because of the system itself. We just don’t open the airplane trunk after the airplane landing on the ground, like the bus and taxi. All about the security. So… must also wait for our bags to arrived at the airport.

Few basic tips on bringing luggage on the flight:

1) Safer to just bring carry on luggage.
This is because you can always carry the luggage with you.

2) Paste your contact outside and inside the luggage
This will ensure you can be contacted when the bag is found.

3) Don’t let valuable item in the luggage area..
Of course this is the very basic thing like keeping the laptop hand carry.

4) Making you luggage different
Aaah, this is simple but may bring you a relief in the future, let say when arriving at the destination, there are 10 people using a black samsonite bag like you. If you in a hurry you may pick up the wrong one. As simple as putting a colored ribbon at the bag handle.

More tips on baggage when using air transport here.

Also read here about the magistrate court here ordered Malaysian Airline System Berhad (MAS) to award almost RM10,000 to a 51-year-old aviation company manager who lost her baggage after flying with the airlines in 2006.

And if you are using Malaysia Airlines System (MAS), you can download MAS Baggage Information for Safe and sound procedures for hassle-free travel here.


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