October 1, 2022

7th Anniversary Celeberation of the City of Historic Melaka

Why 15th of April? That is because in 2003, 15th of April, Melaka Historic Town Council was declared as a City Council. From town status to a city status. Melaka Historic City Council ranked among the best Town Council in Malaysia and among the award that have been given to themwas the Perdana Award for Local Authority. Now it’s already the 7th year of the Anniversary.

April will fill with event in conjunction with the anniversary. Among event that you can’t miss are:

TV3 ‘Jom Heboh’
-From 3rd April to 4th April, MITC

The Archipelago Drum Festival XIII
-From 8th April to 18 April 2010

Twin Cities Convention
-From 11th April 2010 to 14 April 2010, Equatorial Hotel Bandar Hillir.

For more complete event activities please browse the city council website here.

Well, actually the Melaka Historic City Council also have a long history. Extract from city council website:

The history of Historical Melaka City Council (MBMB) is closely related to Melaka history. Although Melaka has gone through its ups and downs, the city of Melaka has continued to exist. In year 1824, it was called “The Town and The Fort of Malacca”, administrated by the “Committee of Assessors” under the English Government.

In year 1848, The East India Act XIX recommended the formation of a “Municipal Committee” to replace the “Committee of Assessors”. The act allocated five council members led by a “Resident Councilor” which were known as City Councilmen.


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