Sports travel & tourism fast forward growth

Malaysia Sport XIII Melaka…SUKMA.

In many occasion sports has proven can unite all sorts of people. In many ways, sports can make everyone sit in the same table, drink and watch the game. Year by year, sports has become more Global with satellite TV and up to date information on the Internet. Everyday most of us will read sports results first at the news paper before turn on to another page. For certain country like England, their local football league are watch by thousand of people around the world.

And many people dream to go to England to watch the game live. Favorite team are Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea. There are all a global brand now. In 2008, the growth of this Sport travel & tourism is US$600 billion or +10% of the international tourism market. International Sports Press Association said in it’s recent article:

With the contribution of travel & tourism to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) expected to rise from 9.9% in 2008 to 10.5% by 2018, the next decade will see tourism revenues exceeding US$10,000 billion.

People talk more about sport now, rather than others tourism aspect like historical, nature, theme park or nice hotels. Other than sport, tourism aspect like good hotels, historical and theme park are like tangible or as it is but sport is more human. Sport will drive more emotion, feelings and passion. So, usually sport fan will not look into to their budget spending rather than normal tourist. They are buying expensive tickets to watch their favorite team. In certain tournament / cup season, these sport fan will booked the hotels early and the hotels price will up. For Example this year world most famous event – Fifa World Cup 2010, South Africa.

Sports travel and tourism is not just only about tourist arrival, it’s concurrent with other things like the satellite tv, Internet, commercial brands, sport celebrity and the tradition. All are good business. Browse this site here about South Africa updates on FIFA World Cup 2010. Also the article about World Sports Destination Expo here.

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