October 1, 2022

Duty free Pit Shop at Malaysian GP Sale 2010!

The F1 fever is higher this year as Now we have 2 Malaysian Flag in the Circuit. Lotus F1 GP and Mercedes GP Petronas F1. As you know Lotus and PETRONAS are belong to the country. Now is the 3rd week of March and the Malaysian GP Sale is from 6 March until 11 April 2010. Ladies… there are still few week until 2nd week of April so we can make a pit stop at few Shopping centers around the country.

Shopping centers like Pavilion KL is organizing Pavilion KL GP Sale and Pavilion Pit Sop. You can get all the merchandise of the racing teams, retails promotion, ticketing and more. There is also road shows at 1 Utama for automobile special bargains on Hyundai, Nissan, Mazda and For cars.

April will be the most peak time for the Malaysian GP Sale 2010 as some major event will occur with VIPs and artist. The event are, Malaysia International Shoe Festival(PWTC from 2 – 4 April.),PopMrkt Malaysia (3 & 4 April) and KL Sunday 1Malaysia Family Fair.

Check out the official Malaysian GP 2010 website here to see what happening at your place. And also don’t forget to browse here and here to learn more about Lotus F1 Racing Team and Mercedes PETRONAS F1.


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