April 21, 2021

MELAKA from the Top – Dennis De Witt

When talking about the Eurasian in Melaka, we always highlighted the Portuguese. Seldom we exposing the Dutch descendants. Actually the Dutch Descendants here are a minority within the minority. Not like the Indo-Dutch Eurasians from Indonesia that known to exist and exposed in the country film / modeling industry. One of the Melaka Dutch Descendants, Dennis De Witt, actively creating an awareness about the Melaka Dutch Descendants Existence by writing few books.

One of his popular book is History of the Dutch in Malaysia that was published to commemorate Malaysia’s 50 years as an independent nation and over four centuries of friendship and diplomatic ties between Malaysia and the Netherlands. Now he has another new book that was launch recently – MELAKA from the Top. Please visit Nutmeg Publication website to view and order all the books written by Dennis De Witt.

Winner of the Nederlandse Aanmoedigingsprijs voor Genealogie (Dutch incentive prize for Genealogy) for the year 2006-2007, the only annually given prize for Dutch genealogy in the Netherlands.

Read about the book launch at Straits Meridian Hotel recently. News by Melaka hari ini.

Nazary launches De Witt’s latest book

MELAKA CITY – General Manager of Melaka Tourism Promotion Division, Nazary Ahmad as guest-of-honour launched Dennis De Witt latest book, MELAKA from the Top at Straits Meridian Hotel last Sunday.

In the launch, Nazary autographed one of the books witnessed by Straits Meridian Hotel Manager, Simon Buenaventura and those present.

This is the author’s third book where De Witt attempts to trace back and compare the geological and demographical transformation and development of the town of Melaka and its surroundings over the centuries, with focus on its expansion particularly within the last 40 years.

“Historic Melaka has changed dramatically over the 600 years of its history. However, it was only with the reclamation of its coast and expansion of the town in the last few decades that has truly changed the town, now city,” he said just before the launching of the book.

According to the author, this book records those changes and captures the images of how Melaka was then and is now, from eye level and from the top, as Melaka continues to develop and change.

He added that this book was made possible through a collaboration of people from far and near, and from their private collection of photographs. Many of the old maps, photos and images in this book are of great historical importance for Melaka; the place where it all begins in Malaysia.

The author also thanked two person, namely Jerry De Witt from Perth and Joyce Freeland Westerhaut from California.

“With help and information of Jerry and Joyce, this book has been made possible,” he added.

De Witt’s last book, History of Dutch in Malaysia, published in 2007 had received letters of commendations from among many the Minister of Communication, Cultural, Arts and Heritage, Datuk Rais Yatim.

This book would of interest especially to the people of Melaka and those who were formerly from Melaka, as it contains nostalgic scenes from its past.

Priced at only RM55 a copy, Melaka from the Top comprises of 160 full colour pages , printed on quality glossy paper and makes a splendid souvenir for visitors and a meaningful gift for corporations and agencies.


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  1. Please could I have Dennis De Witt’s email address.
    My husband is a De Witt – Johannes Cornelus De Witt.
    WE are doing research about the De Witts in South Africa.
    Dianne Butcher

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