February 25, 2021

Dutch Harbour Cafe Melaka – also nice to enter at the back

This is among restaurant in Melaka that you can enter both from the front entrance and at the back. The back entrance also as nice as the front entrance. Seat at the back and you can enjoy dining just at the lazy Melaka River. By the restaurant name, you can guess that this restaurant serve Dutch Food. Yes they serve Dutch food. You can browse the complete Dutch Harbour Cafe menu here.

Dutch Harbour Cafe Melaka located at Stadhuys Shop lot at Banda Hilir along Jalan Laksamana. From Town center you can use Jalan Bendahara. Let say you start from Renaissance Hotel Melaka. Go Straight at Jalan Bendahara until the first traffic light. Than you can see Public Bank on your left and a parking lot on your right. Just go to that parking lot and park there. From the parking lot just walk because the Restaurant is just few blocks away.

Can use this path to the cafe…

I will choose the walking path along the River rather than the shoplot walk away because I can enjoy the river view and the boats. But if you choose to walk in front at the road side, you also can see all the gift shop and art shop along the way. You can bring your laptop here and they provide free access. The cafe also have a pc that you can use. So ‘eet smakelijk’ and “tot ziens!” . Browse their website here.

garden dining area..

No.39, Jalan Laksamana(Riverside),
75100 Melaka MALAYSIA
Telephone: +606-283-7606


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