January 18, 2021

Hotelier Business Simulation

Hotel Giant large Scale Simulation..

Usually we think computer games are just for kids and we will be mad at them when they are just playing computer games all day long. Actually there are some computer games that more on real life simulation and being used by some agencies like aviation department or the army. Simulation games like playing an fighter aircraft or strategic war games. There also a games that will make you mind think like business simulation games.

I found this games from amazon that can make you practice to be a Hotel Manager. You can play the game for free trial. Your role as a hotel manager in the game are:

* Build the best hotel in one of over 20 cities from across the globe.
* 19 types of buildings can be run, from a homely Bed & Breakfast to a luxurious Grand Hotel
* Design the perfect decor for the Lobby, Bar and Restaurant right up to the Pool and Fitness Area.
* You have complete control over the layout, design and furnishings of the Guestrooms and Suites including responsibility for the design of floor, walls and ceilings, fittings and furnishings
* Observe your guests carefully over the course of their stay to ensure you are able to meet your customer needs.

Buy the full features of the games only $19.90. Sound interesting if you just want to get an Idea of opening or managing hospitality huh? If you play this, just don’t get carried out and forget about cooking dinner….


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