July 4, 2022

Cheap flights, Cheap hotels and compare it with 1 click

People at sprice.com making lot of effort and money to build a free platform for the travelers need. So with one click you can compare flight tickets from few airlines like Air Asia, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Cebu Pacific and Jet Asia. So it will be easy for you to compared the price in one single page rather than open many browser pages. Click for hotel review and it will show you a world map and you can choose on which Continent the hotel are.

Also they have put most popular searches, among the list, Malacca appear to be among popular with other places like Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok, New York , Barcelona and Rome. They also have special deal page that list all available offers especially from the airlines such as Tiger Airways. For example, Buy Tiger Airways ticket between 28 Jan 10 and 03 Feb 10 destination Singapore to Kuching from SGD 9ยข + Tax.

Among many Industry, travel & tourism seem having a big impact from the usage of Internet Technology. Internet is a global protocol where the technology are implemented all over the world. The different is only at the speed. It help travelers and tourist get information fast, lot of it that is crucial for making comparison and travel decision. Now all the hotel and airlines already receiving online booking, making less document, early booking and some of the companies just required a pass / code number after online booking.


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