August 13, 2020

Play the game and win RM10,000 Aussie adventure…

When I go to the graphic background written Play and Win RM10,000 ultimate Aussie Roadtrip. Why RM? Is the games build only for Malaysian? Maybe the website can detect where you surf the Internet from and convert the price money according to the country currency. My assumption are wrong because the game is actually open for Malaysian Resident age 18 and above.

But that is not the main issues here. The issues are how to outrun the others and if can’t win the RM10,000 at least get their weekly prizes like:

1st prizes – RM600 worth of Jusco Shopping Vouchers
2nd prizes – RM400 worth of Quicksilver shopping Vouchers
3rd prizes – up to RM200 worth of Crumpler product(s)

Game valid from 22nd Jan to 4 Marc 2010. So still have few weeks to compete ladies! Start your engine here.


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