March 3, 2021

Melaka Tourist Arrival 2009 – 8.9mil – 19% up!

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Followed by increasing in Malaysia tourist Arrival 2009, Melaka also received great number of tourist arrival in 2009. Local tourist was the biggest contributor last year with 7.2 mil local tourist visiting Melaka last year. 6 times the number of Melaka population itself. From ASEAN country, as usual, Singaporean are number one contributor followed by Indonesia and others. Total of 485,970 (not including Malaysia).

Other top foreign tourist aarrivals are China:201,381 (Eastern Asia), Saudi Arabia:16,664 (Middle East),USA:19,604 (North America), United Kingdom:22,429 (Europe) and Australia:11,770 (Oceania). Malaysia always have a good political stability making it a reliable place for the investors and expatriate. Although the political issues is not as big as our neighboring countries that involve gunfire and people demonstrating in the street to ask certain leaders to quit Job, Malaysia always get the attention of foreign media for many small issues that describe like a big issues by them.

As always, school and parents will choose Melaka during school holiday because the historical remains are a good point for the student to do their class project. For example the Independence day Memorial. By a group package, very cheap to visit all the Museum in Melaka and some of it are free entrance. New added tourism products last year like Planetarium, Duck Tours, race track and Water Taxi help to boost the tourist arrival. 2010 also seeing new tourism products added like Melaka Wonderland that will sure to bring the crowd. Hot sunny day all year round making the water investment worth it.

Generally we can visit Melaka all year as there are no such extreme season like monsoon in the east coast of Malaysia. Foodie also find Melaka as one of the destination to choose because variety of food to experience like Straits Chinese Menu, Chitty and Portuguese – all you can get authentically in Melaka. Melaka fish grill also recognized throughout Malaysia and the spot are Around Serkam – Umbai.

Details about tourist arrival by country here.


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