August 18, 2022

“Dirtiest Hotels” rating can be Dirty Trick?

From now on, slowly we are affected by the power of Internet. If we want to buy anything or go anywhere, first thing is we will google for info and review it before we proceed. 20 years ago, we just go to the owner or location and ask. Now we ask a little but read more. Somehow the review and readings from the Internet affected our judgment.

There are some review website in the Internet that have huge number of visitors, million everyday specific for the subject matter. For example website for Travelers. Of course the website is not an official body to make any remark on any tourism products or hotel but when it has high traffic of users, many people will make it as a reputable source. Even daily newspapers also digging at such site to get some news scoop.

Is this kind of website can affect the product owner? Of course, because such high traffic website have million visitors around the world and have good search engine rank. If the Hotel itself have a good website, it is hard to beat their search engine rank because when user query any data about specific hotel, the first 10 result will be from the review website and after that only we can find the official Hotel website.

That’s how important information on the Internet these days. These review website have high technology and very user friendly for people to post an information about place they already go. Day by day these web will produce large amount of information and can easily beat any Hotel / tourism products website in search engine rank. OF course there have a dedicated moderator to read all the post but it is not directly with the product owner but the website moderator and if the review and complaints are about hotels experience bad or good, it’s simply their subject matter.

There are few guest house I know that have a very good business but looks like they hardly seen promoting their guest house at any trade fair or giving brochure at some agencies. The locals also don’t really know about their existence but the sales are good every month. This is because the help of many review web site. The review website have a travelers viewer from around the world. When other traveler give good rating and recommended certain place, of course others will want to try it out. Guest house usually have good ratings since customer wont aspect anything five stars in it. When the Guest house owners are very good and friendly, also assisting travelers directly in any matter, the rating will be high. We cannot get the hotels manager itself assisting you in 3,4 or 5 star hotel.

Read this article at about Are “Dirtiest Hotels” Subjects of Dirty Trick?Hotel ratings posted by consumers are coming under fire by some as not being legitimate representations of hotels. So what’s the deal?

Hotel rating systems have been around for more than a decade, but it took TripAdvisor’s widely publicized list of “dirtiest hotels” to ignite a fiery controversy that has led some in the industry to call for reforms.

The recent list was particularly hard on UK Hotels, which led to an Independent story that pointed out:

“The industry worries…that TripAdvisor and similar sites — sites that rely on anonymous reviews — yield too much power.” The concern had existed before, but TripAdvisor’s “Dirtiest Hotels” list made it an even hotter topic, the British newspaper says.


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