April 21, 2021

When out to Melaka New Jusco

Car Park , Full today!

We use to call it Jay Jay or Jaya Jusco but the mall prefer to call them AEON Bandaraya Melaka. Now Melaka have another Jay Jay. Located just at the side of TESCO Hypermarket. Malaccan already get used to hypermarket before this as Tesco, Mydin and Giant already making home here. With additional AEON, I think Melaka can cater the shopping needs from outside Melaka also. I don’t know about the official record, but from my naked eyes, It’s the biggest compared to other Hypermarket in Melaka both the shopping area and the parking area. I came at the 2nd day of the opening and seems no big are enough for shopaholic because happen to be massive traffic jam outside and people also park along the road.

All the restaurant inside full house and they need to queue for eating. Yeah maybe traffic jam
because it’s still new and people want to see it. Looks like a perfect time for opening as people are shopping for Chinese New Year and seeking for valentine gift.

Although the car park is full and people also park outside the AEON area, the flow of people inside is still okay and not too crowded in your eyes. Maybe the walking area are wide and long enough. It’s family friendly design after Mahkota Parade with many big toilet,rest area and mothers room. Will come back again as I’m not manage to finished window shopping yet.

Some pic I mange to snap using the phone only..

Some of the AEON Bandaraya Melaka Retail outlet.

2nd floor at AEON Melaka

Kid’z art and fun zon at 3rd floor..

It has a library maa..

and also a garden…

Can’t smoke here..

Kid art n fun activities..

End up eating at Pizza Hut..

The new CNY Golden Fortune pizza menu with tempura shrimp.


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