October 1, 2022

Kids Tourism

Sometimes we are going out because thinking about the children happiness. After five days of work, some of us just want to laying down at home watching DVD’s or baking some cookies. Then how about the kids? If they are still not going to school, everyday at home making them bored and sad. They are really want to going out. As a parent, it is the best time to be with them and the same time making them happy. Although physically we want to take a rest, the kids derive our heart to go out traveling or going some where else other than home.

Theme Park will be the kids first choice, playing at the pool, fun park, zoo, eating out at fast food restaurant and last but not least going to their grandpa / grandma house. Some parents entertain their children by bringing them as far as Disneyland although they don’t really like the character but as long the kids are happy and they got something to learn.

Slowly, public playground at the city park are being abandon by parents and indoor playground being the main choice. Even the kids also love indoor playground. This is more about safety and the environment. Public open playground usually manage by city hall and the facilities will aging. As it is in outdoor environment, the facilities can be rusty, crack, home to the insect and cleanliness are not known. Furthermore playing at the open playground in the sunny day is not good for the kids.

Realizing the opportunity, many shopping mall and fast food restaurant have open their own indoor playground. With a small fee, the children can play safely and the parents can monitor them with convenient. Air condition, facilities supervise by the mall staff, clean and the surface built to protect the children when falling. They also can play with electronic and motorized game.

Instead of building an Olympic size swimming pool, many tourism products owner are building a very shallow pool and water play ground to attract kids. We can’t expect the same situation like when we were kids 25 years ago. Going to the river, catch a fish, cycling to the hill to catch spiders, playing in the bushes or at the swamp. Slowly all these will be replaced by modern indoor arena. It’s kids tourism!


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