September 26, 2020

Malaysia Mystery Shopping

The Fashion Hound Murders

Something mysterious are surrounding all the shopping complex around Malaysia and the mystery could be cause of you!. Have you ever taught to be a mystery shopper? Well maybe many of us are not familiar with the term. I have ask friends around me about the this mysterious shopping technique but non of them really aware about it. The job also available at Malacca too.

A mystery shopping is actually a job, a particular company for example your favorite petrol station will ask a certain Consultant to do an impact survey on their service performance. So this consultant will hire people to do the job for them, like some sort of a spy. A shopping espionage assignment. Certain company also directly hire people to do the shopping and spying their staff on their customer service. The rewards will be Gift vouchers or cash.

Jusco Malaysia and Popular books store are among companies that hire you directly to be their mystery shopper. Just go to their website and sign up.

My experience as a mystery shopper is with the AQ Services Malaysia. Just do their assignment once because to busy and they do have a time schedule to follow. After due date, the assignment will not be valid anymore. The assignment will be email to you from time to time. Example of the email is like this:

COMMENTS: Dear Mystery Shopper,

Greetings from AQ Services International!

We would like to invite you to apply for the Levi’s mystery shopping program at the nearest Starbucks cafe in your area. You are welcome to apply for more than one location.

1. Requirement: You need to visit a Starbucks cafe to observe the store and evaluate the baristas & partners. You should be an existing Starbucks customer.

2. Reimbursement: You will be paid RM 30 for a successful and completed assignment.

3. Deadline: These mystery shops have to be completed from the 13th October until 27th October 2009 and the surveys must be completed and submitted within 24 hours of mystery shopping, latest by the 28th of October 2009.

Interested? If you have plenty of time and enjoy all type of shopping just go the Aq Services website and they will call you for short interview and online question. Simple, no need to pay. Now you have a chance to be double O seven huh?.


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