Tourist Arrival in Malaysia 2009 7.9% Up!

Information from Tourism Malaysia Media Release recently shown that tourist arrival for Malaysia in 2009 surpassed the 19 million target set by the government.

More details about the Tourist Arrival media release from Malaysia here.

The largest tourist came from Singapore, our neighboring country. Followed by Indonesia (196,592), Thailand (97,093), China (including Hong Kong & Macau) (94,322), Brunei (86,296), India (51,279), Australia (46,322), the Philippines (37,875), United Kingdom (35,222) and Japan (30,663).

Recent recession don’t affect much of tourist arrival due to diversity of tourism attraction in Malaysia that offer a very competitive and reasonable price compared to other country but for the same quality. Stable political surrounding with no major natural disaster make it a good choice for leisure, studies and expatriate.

Malaysian are known for their good hospitality with well education background making communication easier. The government also serious of doing enforcement to make Malaysia a safer place to be. You can feel it where almost nobody will interrupt you here and the beggar also will get caught. The Police force also have a special division for Tourist Police. Tourist Police will be seen at many tourism attraction.

So how about tourist arrival in Melaka for 2009? guest?

— asmaliana

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