Emily Travellers’ Home

Emily Travellers' Home

An old charming Heritage House for a genuine travelers, that’s what all the guest described Emily. You might forget that you are in the middle of a town or the hustle and bustle of the surrounding. Why? Because the fish pond and the rabbit make you feels like in a peaceful village. Not to mention the lovely room with creatively decorated wall making it more like a home. Read all the wonderful review of Emily at Tripadvisor homepage.

So how to get there?

When driving in a car along Jalan Parameswara, you will hardly notice it because you are driving to fast or you don’t expect in the area will have a budget hotel. Also, along the road are a non parking area one way street. At week days, the street will be busy with vehicle especially parents and school bus. This is because along the street already have 2 School. The Infant Jesus 1 and 2.

The best way to search for Emily is by walking. From Dataran Pahlawan / Carrefour main entrance, proceed along Equatorial Hotel, don’t turn left at the end of the road. You will meet Jalan Parameswara (Street) stay left. First you will see a Bao li Lai private parking lot and after that few block of an old heritage shop lots then you’ll arrive at Emily.

What’s the difference between others block? Front compound are shrouded by fresh tropical plants and bush.There it is, just knock the door. Read more about the Emily Traveler’s home at Tripadvisor.

Emily Travellers’ Home
Jalan Parameswara, 75000 Melaka

— asmaliana

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